Anticipatory Set

A short activity or prompt that focuses the students' attention before the actual lesson begins. Used when students enter the room or in a transition. A hand-out given to students at the door, review question written on the board, “two problems” on the overhead are examples of the anticipatory set.

Anticipatory Set or Set Induction

Sometimes called a “hook” to grab the student's attention:

  • actions and statements by the teacher to relate the experiences of the students to the objectives of the lesson.
  • to put students into a receptive frame of mind.
  • to focus student attention on the lesson.
  • to create an organizing framework for the ideas, principles, or information that is to follow (c.f., the teaching strategy called “advance organizers”).
  • to extend the understanding and the application of abstract ideas through the use of example or analogy…used any time a different activity or new concept is to be introduced.

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