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The student sees the activity as personally meaningful.

  • The student’s level of interest is sufficiently high that he persists in the face of difficulty.
  • The student finds the task sufficiently challenging that she believes she will accomplish something of worth by doing it.
  • The student’s emphasis is on optimum performance and on “getting it right.”

Students who are engaged:

  • Learn at high levels and have a profound grasp of what they learn
  • Retain what they learn
  • Can transfer what they learn to new contexts

Examples of Engagement - students are completing activities using collaborative efforts through discussion or product production

Engaged - Students are asking questions and taking notes - there is physical activity so as to not distract from the lesson objective

Compliant - Students are listening and appear attentive, but no physical activity happening

Off-Task - Students are not listening to instruction, are doing alternative activities i.e. head down, doodling, talking


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