Group Mixers/Engagers

Instant Replay

A group forms a circle. Each member introduces him/herself by saying their name and doing a body motion. The group imitates exactly what each person does, noting vocal tone and body movement. Each person in the circle takes a turn.

Meet Three

The leader completes the sentence, “Meet three people who….” and then adds in a characteristic, such as 'is wearing the color blue', or 'has more hair on their head than you do', or 'has an A in their name'. Repeat with variations.


A group forms a huddle. 'Milling' is introduced and practices. The group mills until told to pause. Then each person in the group must complete a task, such as 'touch the color blue', or 'touch a piece of jewelry', or 'touch a white show'. Then back to milling and more directions.

Count to Ten

A group forms a circle. Everyone looks at the floor. On the cue 'Begin', someone in the group says 'One', then someone else says 'Two. If two people speak simultaneously, the group begins again. The Object is to count to ten without overlapping.

Look Up

The Group forms a circle. Everyone looks down at the middle of the floor. hen the instructor says 'Look up!' everyone looks up directly at one person. If two people are looking at each other, they step out of the circle. The object is to be the last person.

High Fives and Tens

The instructor models high fives, low fives, high tens, low tens, high threes, low sevens, behind the back tens, etc. Partners practice. Then they have 30 seconds to give a unique kind of 'high five' to every member of the group.


The group forms a mass. everyone thinks of their brand of toothpaste. On cue, people loudly call out their toothpaste - repeatedly - and gather up in similar groups. Instructor elicits each groups name. Repeat with other things such as 'favorite midnight snack', 'dream car', 'dream vacation location', etc.

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