Ticket Out The Door


Closure activity - allows and engages each student in the cognitive process of wrapping up the lesson. Can be a formative assessment if the teacher reviews the student responses/contribution.
The learner is to describe or explain the major concept of the lesson.


May be used (and should be used) with any grade level, any content area including adult learners.


Display and verbalize a prompt that promotes the learners to summarize their learning for the lesson or session. They write their response on a scrap piece of paper, post-it note, or formal teacher provided handout. This is usually a quick prompt that the learners can respond in 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.

  • For technology integration, consider having students tweet their response or add to a blog.
  • Consider non-linguistic responses as well.
  • Extend closure by having the learners share and discuss their responses.

Like any strategy, the effectiveness can wain if overdone or there is a lack of variety. Consider different prompts, types of prompts - be creative.


  • Write a news headline one what you learned today.
  • 3-2-1: List three new things you learned today, 2 things you want to know more about and 1 question you still have.
  • 3-2-1: 3 most important things learned, 2 questions that still need to be answered and 1 way their learning connects to what they knew before.
  • Draw an image that represents <?>.
  • Write a question for the test - and what the answer is.
  • What new learning will you walk away with today?
  • Write a postcard to a friend about what you learned today.
  • Write a text message to a friend about what you learned today.
  • How does what you learned today relate to <?>?
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