Bubble.us is an online, fun and easy to use mind mapping application. Allows users to quickly create maps with bright colors and effective graphics. Encourages creativity and critical thinking.

If you want to save work, you need e-mail to create account. Younger students or students without school e-mail may have privacy issues.

Instructional Uses

  • Mind mapping
  • Brain storming
  • Student presentations
  • Exploring relationships and Hierarchy
  • Non-linguistic representation
  • Pre- post- formative assessment. Show what they know before a unit and what they have learned after the unit.


  • Go to site
  • Click on “Start Brainstorming”
  • Click in first box and type text
  • click on right side of box to create a new bubble at the same level (or hit the Tab key)
  • Click on the bottom of the box to create a lower level bubble (child bubble) (or press Ctl-Enter/Command-Enter)
  • Float over the bubble to modify how the bubble looks (font, color, etc)
  • Use menu at top to print, export, etc.


  • Click on “Brainstorming with Bubbl.us” to see an overview of how the editor works
  • Can only create 3 maps at a time without an account
  • Inspiration (commercial software)
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