Powerful presentation software based on creating slides. it is full featured as an iOS app as well as OSX software.

From the Apple site:

Keynote for iOS makes it simple to create and deliver beautiful presentations — with nothing but your fingers. Powerful tools and dazzling effects bring your ideas to life. You can work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices. And work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Keynote is fairly interchangeable between iOS and OSX versions.
  • Exportable to Power Point or PDF

Instructional Uses

  • Teacher presentation which can include charts, graphs (2d/3d), images, photos, text.
  • Student presentations and representations.


  • Click on “+” to create new presentation, or the thumbnail of existing presentation to open to play or edit.
  • New presentations have you pick design template first.
  • Slide sorter on the left, use + at bottom to add slides, pick from templates in design style.
  • Click on items to edit.
  • Use tools at top to adjust look, add animations, add elements.
  • Use play button to go into presentation mode.
  • Use adaptor for iPad or iPhone to connect to display device such as projector or TV.

Gallery Screen Edit Screen


  • In the app version and in presentation mode, hold down your finger on the screen to create a laser pointer effect.
  • Get the Keynote remote function to control the presentation on another device such as another ipad, iphone, or Mac - and the laser pointer feature works as well if remoting from iOS to iOS.
  • Great presentation mode that will display speakers notes on the ipad (with a small version of the slide) but show only the slide to the display interface (projector, etc).
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