Empty board space where you can click and type “post-it” like notes as well as drop files on board for everyone to access. You can set privacy settings, write and read rights as well as change backgrounds. Padlet was previously known as Wallwisher.

First steps might be teacher creating board with their school based log on and sharing link to board with students. Watch privacy settings. Free, but to sign up you need an e-mail address. Students without school e-mails could have privacy issues.

Instructional Uses

  • Student represent their learning in a creative way
  • Non-linguistic representations
  • Instructor can present content in an interesting way - also can share board with others to view only or even edit


  • Click Build a Wall on the home page to start a new board.
  • Double click in board area to create new note. Start typing.
  • Drag a file onto board area to attach it.
  • Use the tools on right hand side of screen to set privacy, change backgrounds, etc.
  • Must be logged in to claim board or you lose control (after 24 hours they say)
  • Stixy (which is now closed)
  • Stormboard
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