PDF Snapshot


A quick process to take a snapshot out of a PDF document to create an image that can be used in other ways by other software.


Have a PDF document open in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Have the zoom level set so that you can see the entire area that you want to take a snapshot of.

Use Tools » Select & Zoom » Snapshot Tool

Once the dialog box reports “The selected area has been copied.” you can paste into any appropriate software.

To save as a .jpg, .png, etc., paste into a graphic editing software or PowerPoint. Once in PowerPoint, right-click the image and select “Save as Picture…”.


  • Highlight just what you need so you don't need to crop later.
  • Consider copyright law as well as plagiarism/ethics as to how much you use from a PDF document as well as referencing/citing.
  • Other Adobe software can open PDF's and save as images, edit, re-size, crop such as Photoshop.
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