Enhance classrooms. Enable discussions. Empower students.
TodaysMeet gives everyone a voice.
Facilitates backchannel chat. Useful as an alternative to twitter, teacher could open a todaysmeet area and “tweet” during the class period. No e-mails or sign-ups required for students, transcripts available, and teacher could close room after activity is completed.

  • See their toolbox and tips about keeping the transcript and ability to hide user posts
  • Student e-mail accounts can help secure a TodaysMeet “room”

Instructional Uses

From the site:

Expand your classroom: Students can join from home or even from other schools to make the classroom community even bigger.

Embrace the backchannel: The backchannel improves meetings, presentations, Socratic seminars and fishbowls, movies and silent activities, reviews and snow days, and more.

Empower learners: TodaysMeet gives everyone the floor and lets even the quietest students express themselves.



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