Here are my 5 Most Useful or Interesting Links of the Moment for Educators...


Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

Outstanding technology integration site -- even links Apps and Web 2.0 sites to Bloom's levels.  Very interesting and very cool.  Great resource.



"Helping educators and schools around the world effectively integrate technology in the classroom."  Great site with plenty of ideas and links to Web 2.0 resources.


Buck Institute for Education - Project Based Learning

The gurus on project based learning.  Many tools and resources for making projects meaningful, engaging and a powerful experience for learners.


Khan Academy Common Core Map

Those who’ve been using Khan Academy videos and lessons in the classroom can see how each relates to new Common Core standards using this map.


TED Talks

"Great talks to stir your curiosity. Browse by subject, length, or rating (inspiring, jaw-dropping, funny…)"  I've seen TED clips being used to build relevance as well as encourage student reflection.

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